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Garage Door Company Offers Wide Selection of Openers.

Garage Door Opener

Back On Track Garage Door offers three types of garage door openers Estate Series (heavy duty), Premium Series (standard) and Contractor Series (light duty). The secret to finding garage door opener for your home or business is honestly evaluating the type of use the door gets. Depending on how it is used, your garage door opener will need more or less power to drive it.

Here are two key questions our garage door company will ask to determine what size motor you need on your garage door:

  • How many family members use the garage door?
  • How many times per day, total, does your garage door go up and down? (Up and down = one time.)
Based on your answers to these questions, our trained specialists can recommend the right automatic garage door opener for you!

Heavy Duty Garage Door Opener

Estate Series Garage Door Opener For families or commercial sites that use a garage door more than 10 times per day (3,650 times a year!) we recommend an "unlimited use" opener. A heavy duty garage door opener with a DC motor provides the type of toughness and power required in these garages.

Back On Track Garage Door offers the Estate Series of garage door openers, with many outstanding features:
  • Premium motion-detecting control panel
  • Two designer burled walnut 3-button remote controls
  • Optional EverCharge battery backup system DC motor
  • Anti-burglary technology

Standard Duty Garage Door Opener

Premium Series Garage Door Opener For locations that use the garage door slightly less frequently – around eight times per day (2,920 times a year) – we carry the reliable Premium Series of garage door openers. This line of openers includes:
  • Premium multi-function control panel
  • One 3-button remote control
  • Anti-burglary technology

Light Duty Garage Door Opener

Contractor Garage Door Opener The Contractor Series garage door opener is perfect for light duty use. It is designed for doors that will be opened up to five times per day. This opener is meant for single-car garage doors only!

Key features on the Contractor garage door opener include:
  • Premium multi-function control panel
  • One remote control

Limit Access to Your Garage Door

For your added security, Back On Track Garage Door opener specialists take you step by step through programming your new garage door remote controls. This ensures that you are the only one with access to your garage. Always be vigilant so that no one else can program an additional remote control.

Back On Track Garage Door Specialists are ready to earn your business!
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